Customer Reviews

Here’s what our customers have to say about their Stargazer Ceilings

“WOW” – Everyone who’s seen it.

“I cannot thank you enough for this incredible starry sky – by far the best interior design decision I’ve made. It’s impossible to photograph (I’ve tried!), so you have to see it to believe it. Love the thought that went into the choice of night sky and it’s great fun to work out which constellation is which. Thank you!!” Maxine, Shropshire

” We all think the ceiling is really lovely. I think the person who was most impressed was my husband. Perhaps I shall have too keep it in mind as a future present for him. . . . Thanks & regards.” Karen, Cambs

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on the ceilings, the boys were amazed and to quote the eldest ‘it’s epic!’ The youngest immediately got his pyjamas on as he can’t wait to to go to bed!! 

Thank you again and it was so lovely to meet you, I shall be showing it off to everyone I know. 

Many thanks and kind regards. Thank you.” – Danielle, Birmingham

WOW I can’t believe how amazing it looks! I’ve only seen our room and Mike tells me it gets better! I’m so glad we had our room done too I know I would’ve been so jealous if we hadn’t! I’m sure we’ll be in touch again soon for the landing, bathroom and everywhere else!

Thank you. Abby, Preston

“Please accept many thanks for your brilliant work on my bedroom ceiling on Tuesday. I have to admit I had my doubts as to whether I was wasting my money but I’m pleased to say that I’m thrilled by the result. I wasn’t expecting too much on the first night after you were here as it was a rather gloomy day but even with the dull weather the results were amazing. Even my husband, who was doubting my sanity, was impressed although he would like the moon and planets added to it! I’ve already had several visits from people who have heard about your work and want to see my ceiling. Once again thank you so much for my beautiful new ceiling” R. Barnes, Pershore

“Starry, starry nights absolutely magical, and you can stargaze too!!! How good is that?” Thank you so much for bringing to my life such a wonderful gift from my family” E. Morris, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Thank you so much for the amazing ceiling you have created for our baby boy. It is truly unbelievable that you could create something so magical, realistic and with so much personal meaning for us. The stars in themselves are amazing but to have every constellation, including the entire milky way with its millions of stars is beyond belief. We often go into his room and sit at night and it is as if the whole ceiling has disappeared and the sky has opened up. The personal touch of the July sky to incorporate the memory of his Granda and his own birth is something we look forward to explaining to him as he gets older and learns all of the constellations from the wonderful educational pack you left us.” Sarah Finnie, Billericay

“Thanks Jo it looks amazing. Jack and Ella love their stars Jack wants his light straight off now with no stories so he can see his stars! I have just been lying in Jack’s room for ten minutes looking at them. Thanks again.” Clarissa, Pontefract

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the ceiling. OMG it was fantastic when we went to bed. We showed it to our grandson and he was mesmerised! The milky way came alive. Wonderful! We will be wanting our new sitting room ceiling done when we have finished decorating it. I will get in touch as soon as we know when its finished so you can book the date – really looking forward to seeing you again because that will mean we have another fantastic ceiling!!!!” M and D K, Northwold, Thetford.

“I just wanted to let you know that we moved into the new house about 10 days ago, and have been sleeping under your stars ever since. They look absolutely brilliant. My wife was (and remains) thrilled by them. Really very grateful – and very, very impressed. With grateful thanks for such an amazing job” D M, Earlsfield, London.

“Thanks a lot for painting my ceiling, its amazing! As you know it was my birthday and I had no idea about my ceiling being painted. When we got home after my party I went up to my room and shut my curtains, slightly suspicious, but seeing nothing I went back downstairs to open my presents. That night I got ready for bed and when mum cam up she shut my door and almost immediately stars appeared. Within no time I was up and jumping for joy! It’s so amazing and it goes amazingly well with my space-themed room. That night me and mum were up to about ten looking for all the constellations.

I can’t wait for my friend to come to sleep over this Friday. Thanks to your work my room is a whole heap better now (not that it wasn’t good before!). Thank you a whole lot Jo.” – Ollie Wickens (age 11), Wheatley

“Thank you Jo for the fantastic ceiling you did for us for our nursery. Everyone who has seen it is amazed by it. Thank you again for a first class job, we really appreciate it.”- Billy and Amanda, Newcastle

“I have counted about a million sheep over the years in my quest for a good nights sleep….but now when my insomnia takes over I can gaze in wonderment at a starry night sky. Initially, I was only really looking for the over-all starry effect, but am now learning to identify the various constellations. I am delighted with my ceilings and look forward to the ambiance for years to come.” – Mercedes Spence, Glasgow

“I contacted Stargazer Ceilings and had my bedroom transformed. Great job! Thanks Jo “ Pete, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts

“Hi Jo, just to let you know that the stars are out again tonight! The effect is amazing.”- Phil Adams, Tydd St Giles, Wisbech

“Just a note to say thanks for bringing me and the universe a stage closer!! The ceiling you recently did for us in our cinema room is fantastic. With the right music on and the the room in darkness, we all lay on the floor (mad I know) and stared up to what can only be described as the galaxy in our house and you know what…… within 5 mins I felt I was actually in space!! Great job, very professional, friendly service. I will be passing on your Stargazer Ceiling Co details to all who ask.

P.S. I have a waiting list of friends and family who wish to travel into space with us next week !!!” – Alastair and Rachel Smith, Hartlepool

“Well everyone has seen the ceiling now and they think its amazing! My 7 year old just stares at it and says it’s awesome. Thank you again for adding fun and excitement to our children’s room.” Julie & Andy, Stockport

“It needs to be seen to be believed. A photograph would not do it justice”J. Presland, Newark

“We just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for our absolutely lovely ceiling – what a subtle but stunning effect, thank you so much!” – Mr & Mrs Lowndes, Peakirk, Peterborough

“I’m well impressed! I want the whole house done now!”D. Bush, Newark

Thanks for doing such a lovely job. It’s much better than I expected”Mr D Cole, Tamworth

“We got a Stargazer Ceiling because we loved the way it looked. We didn’t imagine that, within a week, our kids would know more about the constellations than we ever did!” – K. Marsh, Newark

“It’s really cool!” T. Morris, Lincoln

“It helps me get to sleep”James (age 7), Newark

“Wow! That’s wicked! It’s like someone’s taken the roof off the house. I cant wait to have all of my friends around for a Stargazer sleepover!” – J. Carr, Lincoln

“We had a Stargazer Ceiling in our old house and when we moved we missed it so much we had to have another one in our Amanda, Brighton

“It’s unbelievable! This was a surprise from my husband. It is so much better than I thought it would be. It’s amazing! Gorgeous!” Mrs Y Lee, Aldershot

“Many thanks for doing my ceiling, it looks beautiful. My wife is so pleased with it she is telling all her friends and I can see before long, when it goes dark, I will have a bedroom full of women!! Thanks again” – Mr B Lee, Aldershot

“Thank you so much for my amazing ceiling, I have spent such a long time look up to the stars, it absolutely fantastic, what an amazing gift to have. Thanks again”K. Baines, Newark